Back in business


Lets see, Where do i begin? Its been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened in the past 4 months. The most significant is our house fire. Some of you who were unaware of our fire, have probably been wondering why we were almost impossible to find on the store shelves until 2 or 3 weeks ago... So I am sorry I didn't make it more known, that we had suffered a fire. Its kind of overwhelming to tell the whole story over again without getting too long winded, so I'll try to summarize the best i can.

Basically the long and the short of it is... My wife Ana returned home to discover the kitchen on fire. The fire was already too far along to try to put out. She notified the authorities and rushed to the farmers market to get me. When the fire department got there it took quite a while to set-up and start to put it all out. Its hard to watch everything get destroyed right before your eyes and be completely powerless over it all... Quite humbling. So they finally got the fire extinguished and we started to survey the damage.

The house was a total loss, but at the time... The garage was still untouched as well as our roastery, which wasn't even connected to the house. So at this point there was a light at the end of the tunnel. After talking to many firefighters and police, we decided to get some rest.

Ana woke me up that morning and told me, The fire was on the news and they mentioned that it had re-kindled over night and burned down the attatched garage as well as the outbuilding containing the roaster and all our green coffee. At this point this was almost like a bad dream. It was hard to believe that virtually everything was GONE. So we headed back to the property and our worst fears were confirmed. Not much at all to salvage.

Okay so it took the next 3 months to get a new roaster, building, grease duct, coffee, bags, computers, printers, labels, scales, and sealer. We worked tirelessly around the clock getting our business back in order. Lots of hard work, stress, phone calls, emails, and positive thinking really seemed to pay off though. Now, here we are... back and bigger and better then ever. Our new roaster is the same kind as our old one but roasts 1-25lbs instead of 1-6lbs.

Even though it is bigger; it allows us to stay true to our focus of providing sustainable coffees roasted fresh for each individual order. Nothing is sitting around roasted, waiting for someone to order it. I dont want to make this post so long that people will be reluctant to read it, So i think I need to wrap it up; but i just want to say thank you to our customers (wholesale & retail). And I will try to get on here a lot more often to keep everyone updated on whats going on with us. I'm not much of a writer but I know how important it is to keep everyone updated...


BTW - Not all of our current stock is listed on the website. I'm adding them slowly when i find the time. Sorry about that. Heres what we currently have in stock:

  • Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Organic Guatemalan SHB Chajul FAIR TRADE
  • Organic Bali Blue Moon Rainforest certified
  • Organic Mexican HG Oaxaca Fair Trade
  • Organic DECAF Mexican Pluma Royal Select Water FAIR TRADE
  • Organic Nicaraguan SHG Mancotal FAIR TRADE
  • Rwanda Coopac Fair Trade
  • Organic Colombian Santa Marta

Arriving Soon (10-14days)

  • Organic Timor Fair Trade
  • Organic Ethiopian Harrar Fair Trade
  • Organic Peruvian Cepicafe Fair Trade
  • Organic Sumatra Gayo Fair Trade
  • Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade AUCTION LOT ***

*** (this one is a very special reserve lot) $15.75 instead of $14.95